True Friends


Born out of necessity

Armed with a drum set, a mic, and an iPad, polyglot drummer Nate Larson becomes a full band known as True Friends.  Larson eschews drum chops to focus on composing songs sonically inspired by EDM, funk, disco and rock on his second studio album, “Severe Love”.  Walking tempo beats provide a dancy four-on-the-floor backbone for Larson’s fluffy, synth-heavy compositions.  Funky bass lines add a crisp counterpoint to lulling melodies and often shouted lyrics about love, relationships, and his children.  These elements combine to create a dancy atmospheric expression born out of necessity for a drummer without a band.


Hit me up for an original funky flavor for your next event, concert, or party.  I love to play to all types of crowds, especially the type that love getting down.  I come equipped to keep the vibes up!


Booking info:,  or hit me up on facebook.  I am always down to party.